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     The Good Hotel Guide

The Good Hotel Guide is the leading independent guide to hotels in Great Britain and Ireland. It is written for the reader seeking impartial advice on finding a good place to stay. Hotels cannot buy their entry as they do in most rival guides. No money changes hands, and the editors and inspectors do not accept free hospitality on their anonymous visits to hotels. An entry in the printed Guide is free, but we do charge for a website entry to cover research and administration costs.

Adam & Caroline Raphael, who own the Good Hotel Guide, are award-winning journalists.

Ian Belcher, a distinguished travel writer, edits the British Guide.

Niki Davies, a co-editor, is responsible for the Shortlist and readers’ correspondence.


‘In an era of increasingly greater homogeneity, it’s fabulous to have a guide to unique hotels and inns that have a sense of place, and specific personality.’
Vicki C Smith.


‘The clear leader in recommending hotels of quality and character while not accepting payment for inclusion or free hospitality.’
Daily Telegraph.


‘‘We know how valuable the Good Hotel Guide is to us and equally as an independent, well respected guide which guests trust to select unique hotels on their travels.’ Emma Ford, Little Barwick House.

                                                                      Market restrictions: All territories except UK and Ireland

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