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Retail, wholesale, libraries, museums and gift markets

AUTHOR CARE         

Sustain sales,  target audiences, plan events


Sales & Distribution

Goldhawk International provides a worldwide book sales & distribution service for print books for publishers that only want to realise their best ambitions.


We have extensive experience in the publishing field and proven success of our capabilities, as we particularly welcome publishers of Art, Architecture, Asian Studies, Cookbooks, Design, Fashion, Sport & Travel.   

Partnering with leading companies for sales and fulfillment in both the USA (Chicago Distribution Center) and UK (Orca Book Services), publishers can expect a much stronger commitment than from our competitors, with global reach and quick turnaround in fulfillment and extremely efficient service.


A combined sales force with in-house and global sales representatives means we comprehensively cover all retailers, wholesalers, libraries, museums and gift markets.  


We have a hands-on policy that will help and guide our publishers, with our deep knowledge, enthusiasm and desire to get the best results leaving no opportunity unexplored, no stone unturned in pursuit of the success of your titles and authors.

If you have a minimum of 2 titles or more, please contact us and we will be very happy to discuss at length any needs or questions you may have.

Sales & Distribution
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It’s been a long haul and it sometimes felt like this day would almost never come. Your book is now published and you are rightly proud of your efforts.


You are right to celebrate your efforts. But your job is not over.

In fact, this is really where it begins. Many writers naturally count on their publishers to promote their book and make it a success.


Even in best case scenarios, after the flurry of activity in the first 3 months or so, a publisher’s dedication to promoting your book may cease to have the same focus and intensity.


Fewer media outlets are talking about it, copies may now leave the front of store and move to the back shelves in their respective categories - and that's if you are lucky. In some cases copies of your book are simply returned to the publisher.


After years of effort, is that it?? 


It doesn’t have to be!


Goldhawk International Book Solutions is designed to help you give your book a second and extended lease of life. 


We fully engage with you to explore many new avenues.

  • Sustain sales with existing accounts that stock your book 

  • Help you target your audience with book events

  • Drive traffic to Amazon 

  • Connect the book to additional outlets that would give the book exposure

  • Fully assist you with any event or promotion


We ALWAYS work collaboratively with your publisher to ensure we get best results for all concerned.  


For more information regarding our service and fees, please email with the title/s of your book, publication date and any relevant details you think we should know.

Author Care

About Us


Goldhawk International was conceived  in 2017 but started trading in mid 2018. 

Goldhawk is honoured to globally represent publishers of Art, Design, Gift books,  Interior Design, Photography, Architecture, Fashion, Cookery and Travel.

Goldhawk International has offices in New York & London with warehouse partners in the UK (Orca Book Services) and the US (Chicago Distribution Center/University of Chicago.

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Lee Stern 

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