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Mapology Guides are known as much for their creative design as for their self-help content.

They come in handy maps and are for those that enjoy visual navigation to find solutions to their everyday problems, big or small.

Mapology Guides are curated, designed and published by co-founder Tina Bernstein, a creative entrepreneur, designer and blogger. The guides are a MUST-HAVE for a number of reasons, mostly for its content.


  • A series that could be collected as a series or as a stand-alone or as part of a collection based on need.

  • It contains the best tips and courses all on one handy A6 folded page

  • Designed to put it in your pocket to reference at any time- or post it on the wall so you can chart your progress


Whatever you do, you can be sure that this map can change your life!

A bite-size concept with great design and illustration, that illustrated problem solving maps are playful, thought-provoking and will get you from A-B.

Mapology Guides use mapping techniques (despite the non-geographic themes) to communicate their message and hope that you will be inspired to travel from a dilemma or question to a helpful resolution. 

Mapology Guides are designed for people interested in creativity, emotional growth, mental health and wellbeing.

Every map features a writer and illustrator, utilising language and imagery to make the complex subjects engaging. 


All Mapology Guides products are printed in London, UK using only sustainable materials and everything is litho-printed on FSC certified paper.


Please visit Mapology Guides website for more details

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